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Will Campgrounds be less crowded in 2022?

The problem is, many campgrounds are already booked well into 2022. Here at Homestead, we were at 60% capacity by the end of January! That’s because people learned their lessons in 2021 and realized they needed to seriously plan ahead to get spots. So, I doubt we’ll see a significant change, especially in the first part of the year.


Used RV Prices

It really wasn’t a surprise when RV prices rose drastically in 2020 and 2021. The sudden surge in demand led to a low supply, and Economics 101 teaches us that leads to higher prices.

There is some hope for used RV prices, though. Used RV sales aren’t facing the same supply chain and labor issues that new RVs are. Nothing is holding up the sale of used RVs other than their owners still wanting them.

And there are several reasons to expect a flood of used RVs for sale. It’ll likely start as a trickle in 2022 but could very well flood by the end of the year. The fact that fuel prices have basically doubled in price from the start of 2021 is casting a growing shadow in the industry.

Fuel prices are expected to keep rising in 2022, especially with the current Ukrainian/Russian fiasco. There comes a time -around $4 a gallon as we’ve seen in the past – when some RVers decide it’s just too costly to keep driving the RVs. Some, undoubtedly, will decide to sell.


Camping and Remote Working

The pandemic changed how many of us do our jobs, increasing flexibility for campers who crave adventure and new experiences. Gone are the limits of booking a trip around vacation days and long weekends. Workers are swapping dark and depressing cubicles for workstations that look like they belong in a Bob Ross painting.

According to a study conducted by the RV Industry Association, people planning to buy an RV in 2022 intend to use it an average of 25 days a year. That’s an increase from the 20 days a year RVers have traditionally camped in the past. Signs point to the increase growth in remote work opportunities.

Sites that provide guests wireless internet can expect to gain the most from this camping trend. Internet-connection database reports that 64% of Americans hunt for campsites with internet access. Last season, we upgraded our WiFi throughout the entire campground, adding over 7 miles of fiber optic cable and a total of 22 new wireless access points.

Camping has never been more freeing and we're doing our best to stay on top of the needs of our guests to help make your experience everything you want ....with all the things you need.

See you soon!

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