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RV Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Here's a few tips and tricks to make your camping easier...

Tip #1: Motion Sensor Lights

Closets and other tight spaces in RVs are usually poorly lit. You can easily remedy dark spaces with affordable LED lights that are motion-activated.

Tip #2: Cushion Low-Hanging Areas

Creatively cushion head banging areas to soften blows. RVs are notorious for having short entry doors and intrusive cabinet fixtures that are waiting to bump the heads of anyone over five feet tall.

You can remedy this with a simple camper hack. By hanging decorative items like string lights, greenery, and micro-sized garlands in a doorway and on offending cabinets, you can beautify low-clearance areas in your travel trailer while deterring any would-be head banging.

Velcro items like remote controls to keep them from flying around in transit.

Tip #3: Move-Proof Your RV

One of the best tips for RV living is creating a camper environment where you don’t have to prep every time you get on the road. If you have a bunch of loose, decorative items around your camper, you will need to safely stow them every time you get on the road. That’s why a move-proof camper is such a great RV-life hack. By safely securing decorations with magnets, Velcro®, and/or Command strips, you can dramatically cut down on the amount of time you need to prep your travel trailer before getting back on the road.

Tip #4: Invest in a Tire Monitoring System

If you tow a travel trailer and experience a flat, you could do thousands of dollars in damage before you know it by dragging your trailer on the road. This is why a tire-monitoring system is a necessary travel trailer life hack. The system will help keep you safe and on the road.

Storage and Space-Saving RV Hacks

Running out of room in your rig? Try these space-saving and storage RV hacks.

Tip #1: Stylishly Protect Glassware

Glass cups, mason jars, and wine bottles are all fun things to have in your travel trailer, but the road trip can easily break them. One RV-living hack involves using things like old koozies, burlap material, and fun fabrics to create fashionable protectors for these fragile items.

These pet nooks are hidden underneath the dinette seating.

Tip #2: Create a Hidden Pet Nook

Many RVers have pets that would love a cozy spot to call their own. That’s why finding a place for a pet cranny is a great RV hack that’ll keep the furball happy. Is there a cabinet door you can remove and insert a puffy bed to let "Mr. Butters" call his own? Doing this will not only help your pet feel happy and secure on the road, but will also free up space on the floor or bed.

Tip #3: Turn Your Microwave Space into a Bar

Ditching your microwave might seem like a controversial idea, but many RVers are of the mind that a microwave is a useless device if you have an RV stove and oven. After all, when space is at a premium in an RV, why devote a chunk of it to an energy-hogging microwave if you don’t have to? If you’re open to ditching your microwave, the space left behind is usually perfect for creating a bar area in your RV.

Tip #4: Invest in Turkish Towels

The pinnacle of RV-life hacking comes when you can snag multiple uses out of one beautiful item. Turkish towels are towels, blankets, and shawls rolled into one. Here’s a whole list of ways to use your new towel.

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