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Must Have Gadgets for RV'ers

It’s no secret that there’s no shortage of nifty gadgets out there for campers. While you always want to pack light, here are some gadgets that RVers love.

  • Pop-up fire pit: A folding fire pit is a travel-trailer trick that’ll keep your s’mores cooking no matter where you are. As a bonus RV hack, snag this optional grate to have your fire pit double as a grill.

  • Inflatable air lounge: Why not hack camper life with a comfortable outdoor bed that takes up a tiny amount of space? An air lounge is an inflatable piece of furniture that’ll allow you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

  • Pop-up lanterns: Because you always need light and compact things are a must to hack travel trailer life, try these pop-up lanterns.

  • Folding bikes: RVing and cycling go hand in hand. There are simply too many nice biking trails out there not to explore. Folding bikes give you max fun while saving max space in your RV.

  • Smart space heaters: RVers tend to use space heaters as a supplemental heat source, but unattended heaters can be dangerous. A smart space heater you can control from your phone is not only safer, but will give you peace of mind every time you leave the RV.

  • Collapsible two-in-one suitcase: If you’re an RVer who’s still traveling around with a chunky suitcase taking up that precious air-space of yours, consider a multi-use bag. Search for one that serves several purposes, like a day pack and a suitcase.

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